Getting Around Krabi

Getting around Krabi

Songthaews - Songthaews is a roof-mounted truck that has been converted into a multi-passenger vehicle. No stop Like a local bus, you just have to put a flag in your direction. There is usually a mark on the control panel to let you know where the last stop is. The Songthaew ride usually starts at around 20-60 baht ($ 0.70-2 USD).

Motorbike Taxi

- Motorbike taxis will cost an average of 60 baht ($ 2 USD) per short trip around the city. If you go further, we do not recommend riding a motorbike. Not the safest option!


- Krabi tuk-tuks are more like a minibus than other tuk-tuks in Thailand. These can be more expensive than metered taxis because the drivers work together and they know that Not undercut It may cost about 300 baht ($ 10 USD) for a shorter distance.


- Taxi meters are expensive. But sometimes cheaper than a tuk-tuk Fares start at 200 baht ($ 67 USD) per two kilometers. Generally, taxis without meters will charge a flat rate and are not necessary for long-distance travel. One hour journey from the airport to the city center, at least 350 baht ($ 12 USD)

Car rental

- cars can be rented for 800 baht ($ 27 USD) per day. I would suggest doing this if you are with a family or group that wants to share the cost.


- Grab app is like Uber in Thailand - cheaper than a taxi and you are driven by a local person in his / her car. You can pay via the app or cash and you will receive an appraisal for your trip. Before you get in the car Having said that, in Krabi prices are sometimes not much different from taxis.