First Time in Krabi- What To Do

Top 10 must-do list in Krabi

There is so much to do around here, it’s difficult to know where to start. If you have limited time, this is our top ten list of must-dos-and-sees. Believe us, you haven’t done Krabi until you’ve…

1.  Visited the Phi Phi Islands and swam in the same warm, crystal clear water as Leonardo Dicaprio (and many more interesting fish).
2.  Hiked up the 1260 steps to the top of Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) for a view that will leave you as breathless as the climb itself.
3. Kayaked through the beautiful mangroves of Bor Thor into the silent, secret lagoon on the other side of Meut Cave.
4.  Eaten exquisitely fresh seafood under the stars at one of the many fish restaurants along the shore.
5. Sipped cocktails, preferably out of a orchid-adorned pineapple, while watching the sun go down over the islands on the horizon – don’t forget to snap the moment for guaranteed Instagram envy.
6.  Tried scuba diving or rock climbing – after all, you are in one of the best spots in the world for both!
7.  Hired a car or a motorbike and ventured out into the countryside, stopping in the villages to eat or shop at the local market.
8.  Been on a day trip to Koh Rok or Koh Haa, the remote islands off the coast of Koh Lanta with simply the best snorkelling in the province.
9. Partied all night long at Center Point, Ao Nang’s oldest and best-loved nightspot, with Thai pop music blaring, strobe lights glaring and girls on stage baring… almost all.
10. Been pummelled, kneaded and soothed the day after by a real Thai massage on the beach.
Neookem - 24 Mar 2020
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